Guitarist The Edge has been digging The Hives and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club...

U2 have been getting inspiration for their new album from NME favourites Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Sonic Youth.

The band , who release their ‘Best Of 1990-2000’ today (November 11), are working up ideas for their next record, the proper follow-up to 2000’s ‘All You Can’t Leave Behind’. And guitarist The Edge told Billboard he’s been soaking up a lot of music from modern rock bands.

He said: “I’ve been listening toHives, Pixies, and the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


of late. What else? Another band called [a][/a]. They’re good. The Mooney Suzuki are really good.

“You’re always hoping you’re going to hear some great new band. To me, that’s the ultimate thrill – when you hear a band like that for the first time. I’m always looking out for the young bands that are gonna come and give us a run for our money.”

And as for the next U2 album, The Edge predicts a similar back-to-basics approach for his band.

He said: “I really think that in terms of arrangement, it’s really back to guitar, bass, and drums – the primary colours of rock’n’roll. I think that’s where we’re gonna take the next album.

“I’ve already started working on rough ideas, which hopefully will go on to become U2 songs at some point,” he says. “I think next year, come January, we’ll really start getting serious about it.”

New songs which the band have already worked on include ‘Original Of The Species’, ‘Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own’ and a third tune reportedly titled ‘All Because Of You’.