Tom Cruise and Kevin Spacey also turn out to honour the U2 singer...

REM, Lauryn Hill, No Doubt and actors TOM CRUISE, KEVIN SPACEY and SEAN PENN were amongst the glittering array of stars who turned out to pay tribute to U2‘s BONO in LOS ANGELES last night (February 14).

The first annual Valentine Love Rocks show honoured the singer for his “outspoken philanthropy” and also raised money for heart disease research.

Accepting the Heart Of Entertainment Award, which acknowledged his work towards raising awareness of AIDS-related issues in Africa and towards securing debt relief, Bono said he intended to be a “thorn in the shoe” of American President George W Bush’s administration, and warned of the threat Aids poses to Africa.

“This is probably the greatest threat to humanity that the world has seen really since the bubonic plague took out a third of Europe in the Middle Ages,” he said, adding 100 million children could be orphaned because of the epidemic.

During their set, REM performed a cover of ‘I Got You Babe’ which saw Cher duet with Michael Stipe, the first time she had performed the track without her late husband, Sonny Bono. Stipe also paid special tribute to the U2 frontman as “a singer, songwriter, statesman, and fashion plate”.

Tom Cruise went somewhat further, telling the audience that Bono “makes us all proud to be human”. Former US President Bill Clinton sent a special video message.