The U2 frontman insists: "We must not make a martyr of Saddam Hussein"...

BONO has said TONY BLAIR’s position on the Iraq crisis is “sincerely wrong”

The British Prime Minister is one of the Bush administration’s closest allies on the current situation with Iraq, and is backing calls for a US-led war on the country.

According to the Reuters news service, Bono, speaking after a meeting with French President Jacques Chirac, called for a peaceful solution.

He said: “Tony Blair is not going to war for oil. Tony Blair is sincere in his convictions about Iraq. In my opinion he is sincerely wrong. We must not make a martyr of Saddam Hussein. He is good at working the cameras. We shouldn’t make it easy for him.”

Bono and Chirac were discussing the problem of AIDS, which he described as “the forgotten war”.

He continued: “That is a war on a different scale, more people are going to die from AIDS than we have lost in any war, in any dispute.”