The pop stars are in riot-ravaged Genoa campaigning for Drop The Debt...

BOB GELDOF and U2 frontman BONO have both spoken out on the violence yesterday (July 20) at the G8 summit in GENOA in ITALY, where a protestor died during bloody clashes between police and rioters.

Both were in the city to back the ‘Drop The Debt’ campaign, which is urging world leaders to cancel debts of the world’s poorest countries. reports Bono as saying: “I’m angry, and though it’s okay to bang your fist on the table, it is not okay to put your fist in the face of your opponent, whether you are a protester or the police… [the rioters and police] destroyed a day where there was an actual dialogue going on between some African leaders and the wealthy nations.”

Geldof added: “From the Drop the Debt point of view, despite the activities on the street, we have had a very successful summit.

“We have been in a series of meetings with the heads of state and their advisors for the last two days and we have been able to push our agenda of debt cancellation.

“In every respect, apart from the fact that our supporters are unable to exercise their civil rights and march in the streets, it has been very successful.”