The star underlines his ongoing commitment to the campaign - and says he hopes to discuss the problem alongside Nelson Mandela on US TV...

U2 frontman BONO has underlined his ongoing commitment to battle for third world debt relief and said he hopes to convince the new US administration of the need to work towards wiping it out.

Speaking in California on Friday (April 27), on anti-poverty movement Results’ platform, Bono said he wanted to appear on the Oprah Winfrey show alongside former South African president Nelson Mandela to discuss the ongoing problem. He said easing debt was essential to help fight the devastating effect of Aids on Africa’s poorest nations.

During the Clinton administration, debt to the West by 22 of the 41 targeted countries was wiped out. However, Bono said he felt efforts to date still marked something of a failure.

“There is a scandal in that one of the widest movements for any issue like this since the anti-Apartheid movement feels let down – they feel after all their campaigning they haven’t achieved the results they’re looking for,” he declared.

According to Sonicnet, Bono, who has already met with members of President George W. Bush’s government, said he has “an informed feeling” that Bush might make significant progress toward 100 per cent debt relief. In a presidential debate last year, Bush said he supported debt forgiveness.

Live Aid figurehead Bob Geldof was also present at Friday’s press conference – Bono said he and Geldof were working out the best way to reach the American people. “We’re going to get to the heartland in some way on this,” Bono claimed.