Bono shares eulogy for David Bowie: “He is my idea of a rock star”

The U2 frontman pays tribute to the late musician

Bono has paid tribute to David Bowie in an eulogy published in Rolling Stone.

The U2 frontman said the late musician was “my idea of a rock star.”

He recalled first seeing Bowie during his iconic Top of the Pops performance in 1972.

“He was so vivid. So luminous. So fluorescent. We had one of the first color TVs on our street, and David Bowie was the reason to have a color TV,” Bono told the magazine.

The Irish musician also talked about his personal relationship with Bowie. “I’d like to consider myself David’s friend, but I’m more of a fan. He came and visited us when we were mixing Achtung Baby — and, of course, he had introduced us to Berlin and to Hansa Studios,” he said.

Bono goes on to recount the time that Bowie and his daughter went to see ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark’, a musical which he produced together with fellow U2 bandmate The Edge.

“He sent me the reasons he didn’t like it. And everything he said was really helpful, because it was in the early days of the show,” he admitted.

Bono isn’t the first musician to receive a damning assessment from Bowie. Coldplay’s Chris Martin recently revealed that Bowie turned down a collaboration with the group, telling them: “”It’s not a very good song, is it?”