Bono tells the duo that the track "gives a really good feeling"...

U2 have given the seal of approval to dance producers MUSIQUE’s revamped version of ‘NEW YEAR’S DAY’.

Talking to the producers just prior to taking the stage for the first date of their US tour in Miami, Bono told the pair that the track “gives a really good feeling”.

The track, which has been re-named ‘New Year’s Dub’, was recorded by veteran dance producers Moose and Nick Hanson. The pair, who are most well-known for their ‘Trainspotting’-sampling track ‘Choose Life’ as PF Project, recorded the track last September.

“I’m pushing 30, and was about 12 when the original record came out,” said Moose, talking exclusively to NME.COM. “It’s an emblem of my youth, I suppose. It’s such a classic track, and it’s got such a massive riff that it seemed almost rude not to.”

The track itself is built around Edge’s guitar solo: “We’ve just spliced up ‘News Year’s Day’ into tiny little bits, then reconstructed bits of it,” explained Moose. “It’s basically The Edge’s guitar with a preacher-type vocal over the top.”

Bono expressed his admiration when introduced to the producers at their gig in Miami, which took place just as the Miami Winter Music Conference was getting started.

“The whole day was a bit weird,” said Moose. “We had cameras following us all day, and were hanging out with Jeremy Healy and Norman Jay. We went over to Fort Lauderdale and went backstage to meet them – and we did just before they went onstage. Bono told us that the track ‘gives a really good feeling’.”

‘New Year’s Dub’ is released on May 21 through Serious/Universal, and comes with mixes by Steve Lawler and Mauro Picotto, amongst others.