U2's lead singer reveals an "armed and dangerous" madman is after him as his band are made Freemen Of The City Of Dublin'...

U2‘s Bono has revealed he is suffering at the hands of an “armed and dangerous” stalker, just as he and his band were made Freemen of the city of Dublin.

In an interview with Hot Press magazine, Bono said: “I don’t want to get into names or places, because it can be an ongoing problem, but let’s say I and the office of U2 have had experience of armed and dangerous stalkers.”

U2 were made Freemen of the city of Dublin on Saturday (March 18) and immediately celebrated their new status by taking some lambs to graze in St Stephen’s Green. This is one of the privileges granted to Freemen of Dublin. Later in the day, the band, along with their manager Paul McGuinness accepted their awards, glass representations of ‘The Joshua Tree’ image, in a ceremony at Smithfield Civic Plaza. 11,000 people heard them play four songs; ‘All I Want Is You’, ‘Desire’, ‘The Sweetest Thing’ and ‘One’.


U2 now have a civic status that ranks alongside former recipients such as John F Kennedy, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela and The Pope. The band received the award because they “contributed to Dublin‘s change of image abroad, but more importantly changed the way we saw ourselves.”

Bono used the moment to ask Dubliners to be more tolerant of others. “We come from a tribe of refugees,” he said, “And now it’s our turn to welcome the refugees.”

U2 are currently working on their new album at home, scheduled for release in October.

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