Bono claims track is inspired by Jubilee 2000...

The new U2 single is to be called ‘BEAUTIFUL DAY’, and is inspired by Bono‘s work with JUBILEE 2000.

Speaking to Radio 1 about the single, which is set to feature on the first new U2 album since 1997’s ‘Pop’, vocalist Bono said: “There’s a sense of something going on, that I think has come from all of this, and it’s up to others to figure out if I’m talking through my arse or not and we’ve completely lost the plot.”

He continued: “There’s a fire in the belly of this music. There’s a certain joy that I’ve picked from working with the Jubilee people, and there’s a righteous anger, if you want to call it that, that makes for great rock and roll.”


As previously revealed on, U2 have erected a webcam in their studio which will show the band putting the “finishing touches” to their forthcoming album.

By visiting the U2 website at [url=] – which at present is fairly inactive – fans will be able to view the band’s recording studio.

In a statement posted on the site, the band say: “In the coming weeks, courtesy of the information age, a fly on the wall and – fans worldwide can watch U2 put the finishing touches on their new album.”

Bono adds: “You can download an atmosphere and dial up a groove, but there’s a certain magic when three musicians and a dyslexic get together and play in a room.”

Earlier in the month, U2 delivered a message to confirming that the band’s as-yet-untitled new album will appear in late Autumn this year. The statement added that a final tracklisting and release date for the record is yet to be set.

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