The band perform on a balcony in Times Square...

U2 played a live show at TIMES SQUARE in NEW YORK yesterday (October 30), their first live performance in the US in three years.

The band performed from the balcony of the MTV building in Manhattan, and according to US website [url=], performed three songs from their new album ‘All That You Can’t Leave Behind’, released in the UK yesterday (October 30).

In the course of their set, the band recorded ‘Elevation’, ‘Beautiful Day’ and ‘New York’ for the MTV show ‘TRL’, which was due to be shown on US television later that day.

Eyewitnesses in New York said the band were barely visible for the majority of the show, as the balcony was six floors above ground level. Only guitarist The Edge remained in a position where he could be seen throughout the performance. However, vocalist Bono did attempt to appease the crowd by leaning over the balcony during recent single ‘Beautiful Day’, to give the fans a glimpse of what was going on above.

Some fans who arrived early were taken to the balcony where the band were playing, so as to get a better view of the concert. One fan said: “It was the best, they sounded great! the sound was perfect!”

In other U2 news, Bono has told reporters the song ‘Peace On Earth’, which features on the band’s new album, was written in the memory of Omagh bombing victim Ann McCombe. The husband of the late Ann McCombe, Stanley McCombe told [url=] that Bono had sent him a copy of the album. He said: “Bono said he used Ann‘s name in the song and he hoped I didn’t mind. I was very honoured and I know Ann would have been too. He said he wrote the song in the aftermath of Omagh when he was thinking of all the people suffering.”

The band are to record an appearance for BBC‘s Top Of The Pops this week.