The group have installed a webcam in their studio where fans can see them hard at work...

U2 have installed a webcam in their studio which will show the band putting the “finishing touches” to their forthcoming studio album.

The band have launched a new website at [url=]www.u2.com, which at present is fairly inactive – featuring little apart from previous statements released by the band.

However, the band have erected a webcam in their recording studio, where they are working on the follow-up to 1997’s ‘Pop’. In a statement posted on the site, the band say: “In the coming weeks, courtesy of the information age, a fly on the wall and U2[/a] put the finishing touches on their new album.”


Bono adds: “You can download an atmosphere and dial up a groove, but there’s a certain magic when three musicians and a dyslexic get together and play in a room.”

Earlier in the month, U2 delivered a message to nme.com confirming that the band’s as-yet-untitled new album will appear in late Autumn this year. The statement added that a final tracklisting and release date for the record is yet to be set.

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