The U2 frontman says the only reason the band haven't finished their new album yet is because they "can't be bothered"...

U2’s Bono has explained why the band have taken so long to complete the new album – boredom!

Speaking during an online chat last night (March 12) on U2[/a] songs ever written, but we get bored with the technical side of things such as finishing the lyrics”.

He confirmed that the band were working towards an autumn release date and that they’ll choose “the best 10 or 12 songs and have them out by September-October of this year.” He felt the sound of the record, “will advance towards a stripped down sound… will advance towards simplicity… that is the essence of U2,” but would also be, “very noisy, bursting with vitality and life force”. He also challenged anyone to make a better rock record this year.


During a wide ranging chat held to promote ‘The Million Dollar Hotel’, the movie Bono has co-written and co-produced with Wim Wenders, fans also asked Bono about his commitment to charity Jubilee 2000, who’s purpose is to cancel all third world debt, to which Bono replied: “We will have cancelled $100 billion dollars of debt by December.”

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