The Rolling Stones legend's guest vocals are left off the group's new album ' All That You Can't Leave Behind'...

A U2 track featuring Rolling Stones vocalist Mick Jagger may never see the light of day after it was omitted from the band’s forthcoming album ‘ALL THAT YOU CAN’T LEAVE BEHIND’.

According to a report on the Reuters website, [url=]www.reuters.com, the track, ‘Stuck In A Moment (You Can’t Get Out Of)’ an alternative version of which does feature on the band’s forthcoming album, was recorded with both Mick Jagger and his daughter Elizabeth on backing vocals.

Speaking about the track, U2 guitarist The Edge told Reuters: “They came in, we played them some stuff. It was nice to hear it through their ears. So we just wanted to say thanks to them for their generosity really, just coming in and giving us their opinion about how they thought it was going.”


However, the track “took a different direction” and was not used. It is expected that the Jaggers will each receive a copy of the song, although a spokesperson for U2 told NME.COM that it was unlikely even the band themselves knew what would become of it.

Speaking on the official U2 website U2[/a] song but it’s incredibly melodic and also has this gospel aspect.”

‘All That You Can’t Leave Behind’ is released on October 30 through Island.

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