Guitarist The Edge says, "Let's see where it goes, figure out how to get paid later"...

U2 guitarist THE EDGE has expressed delight at fans being able to download the band’s forthcoming album from the Internet and has encouraged the practice.

Speaking in this week’s NME (October 14), in shops UK-wide tomorrow (October 11), he said:

“It’s new, it’s out there, let’s see where it goes, figure out how to get paid later.”

Also in the extensive piece, frontman Bono takes a barely concealed swipe at the May Day protesters in London, accusing them of demeaning their ideals by being too general in their targets and over-the-top in their complaints.

“There’s some great evils being perpetuated in the times we live in, and McDonald’s, Starbucks – I just can’t get that worked up about it; just running up and throwing my cheeseburger at a policeman…

“The knee-jerk reaction to the level of consumerism is right, the protesters are right, homogenisation is like being against blandness, yes, of course. But it’s not going to get me on the streets. Sometimes you can demean these ideas by being too ‘Citizen Smith’ about it.”

‘Citizen Smith’ is the central character of a former UK television comedy who felt he was set to be the world’s greatest revolutionary since Che Guevara, but invariably saw his badly conceived ideas collapse and his zealousness appear irritating.

During the May Day events, protesters ransacked a McDonald’s restaurant and were filmed throwing burgers to the floor as a mark of anger.

Bono is a driving force behind the Jubilee 2000 – Drop The Debt movement – frequently meeting world leaders and power-brokers in a bid to wipe out the crippling debts many countries in the Third World owe to the West.