"Irish people can't dance," Bono tells NME...

U2 launched their new dance label Kitchen Recordings in Dublin last night appropriately enough at The Kitchen, the club owned by the band in the basement of The Clarence Hotel in the city’s Temple Bar district.

ROB ROWLAND and BASIC, two of the label’s acts, performed live sets’ Dublin techno artist Rowland‘s ‘Ground ~Zero‘ will be the label’s first release.

The band are not overseeing the project; long time friend REGGIE MANUEL will run the label with advice and assistance from U2 collaborator HOWIE B‘s Pussyfoot label.


“Myself and BONO are hoping that the club is gonna keep us tuned into what’s happening in our dotage,” THE EDGE told NME. “We won’t have to worry about keeping our finger on the pulse. So rather than us feeling that we’re going to change the world of dance music, we’re happy just to let Reg do it. We’re gonna listen to tapes and be involved, but really it’s his baby.”

We asked Bono if he thought the label could express a more dance -conscious aspect of Irish youth culture.

“I’m not sure if Irish people can dance,” he said. “Except for The Edge, that is, who is our own funky chicken. But what I like about the scene her is that it’s wide open and there’s not so much poise. It’s raw, and you’ll see that, which in a funny way is where we were coming from in the 80s. We were making ecstatic music in the 80s. But we met Paul Oakenfold and he said ‘Do you know they’re playing ‘With Or Without You‘ at these big open air raves?’ So maybe that’s what’s happening here, on a DJ level. People are being a bit less guarded.”

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