"Time for us to reclaim who we are," says Bono...

U2 vocalist Bono has said their new album ‘ALL THAT YOU CAN’T LEAVE BEHIND’ has given the band the chance to “reclaim who we are”.

Speaking in the US in an interview with Billboard Magazine, www.billboard.com, Bono said that the recording of their new single ‘Beautiful Day’ “set the tone for the album”. He said: “We were laying the song down in the studio, and The Edge just cut loose a riff that could only be described as classic, early-days U2. It was a sucker punch – a truly brilliant moment that made everyone’s hair stand on end. But I froze and said, ‘Oh no, we can’t use that. It sounds too much like a quintessential U2 riff.’

“In that instant, The Edge shot a glare from across the room that spoke volumes. It said, ‘Fuck off, we are U2, and this is how I play guitar.’ And I got it. I understood that it was time for us to reclaim who we are. It set the tone of the album.”

Bono also spoke again on the band’s plans to commence a full world tour in the spring, encompassing indoor arenas rather than stadiums. He continued: “We’re playing arenas, which for us is the equivalent to a club date. This is not a tour to miss. We’ve been playing a lot together, and there’s something indescribable, almost combustible happening between the four of us. I won’t be clichid and call it magic, but there’s something going on that I believe will make these shows extraordinary.”

Elsewhere, Bono said that guitarist The Edge is “very pro-Napster“, because as long as people are “using their computers for music, and not playing mindless games, that’s good”.

‘Beautiful Day’ is released in the UK next Monday (October 9) through Island. ‘All That You Can’t Leave Behind’ will follow on October 30, also through Island.