Ireland's finest excited to be back onstage generally...

U2 have confirmed that they will definitely be performing at this year’s MTV EUROPE AWARDS show in STOCKHOLM on November 16.

Speaking yesterday (September 27) prior to the band’s landmark show on the roof of Dublin‘s Clarence Hotel, guitarist The Edge told [url=]showbizIreland.com:

“We look set to play the MTV Awards. It’s just about confirmed. So I can safely say we will perform.”


However, this morning, a spokesperson for MTV refused to confirm the claim ahead of Monday’s (October 2) announcement of award nominations.

Meanwhile, yesterday, Bono told reporters how excited U2 were to be touring again.

“We love to tour and make music,” the frontman said. “It takes a lot for us to tour. We have to leave our mates and our families. So this time, I think we have 11 good reasons to leave. We are going back to being a band again.”

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