The band preview their new album from the top of the hotel they own in the city centre...

U2 are to perform two songs from their new album from the rooftop of the hotel they own in DUBLIN city centre tomorrow (September 27).

In the first live performance of tracks from the forthcoming ‘All That You Can’t Leave Behind’ LP, released on October 30, the four-piece, who are due to start at 3pm, will play new single ‘Beautiful Day’ and a second track ‘Elevation’.

‘Beautiful Day’ will then be broadcast in the UK on Top Of The Pops on October 6, three days ahead of the single’s release.

The Clarence-top show reprises a legendary rooftop performance from 1988. To film the promo video for single ‘Where The Streets Have No Name’, U2 took to the rooftop of a building in downtown LA.