Who has let the cat out of the bag with the leaked dates?...

Mystery surrounds a tranche of live dates for U2’s upcoming world tour, posted prematurely on U2tour.com.

Despite the band’s official site, U2.com, claiming no official news announcement would be made until later this month, thought to be January 9, 30 finalised dates have been posted alongside a further 15 other provisional dates.

The dates include two at the Miami Arena on March 24 and 26, kicking off the tour as well as many more in cities across North America.


The site also reports that U2 will play 80 dates in arenas worldwide on the upcoming tour. It also gives details of ticket prices, dates for shows in France on July 17 and 18 and calls for fan feedback on all aspects of the tour.

Though in the past U2 have announced their tours with spectacular press conferences, throughout the campaign for ‘All That You Can’t Leave Behind’ they have used the Internet to make important announcements.

And though the site does not claim to carry official U2 news it does appear to carry so much information that must have come from either a leak at the promoters SFX – or possibly even from the band themselves.

To see the dates in full, click here

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