Release as single dropped in favour of the web

U2 have dispelled rumours that the song they’ve written with Salman Rushdie will be released as a single. However – according to reports on Radio 1 – the song ‘The Ground Beneath Her Feet’ will probably be made available on the internet.

The song has the same title as Rushdie‘s (who has only recently come out of hiding after being fatwaed over his book ‘The Satanic Verses’) latest novel which explores the power of rock music through the eyes of its hero. Click to visit the ‘Ground Beneath Her Feet’ website

Speaking to Radio 1, Salman Rushdie said: “I think it’s a lovely song. It’s a sad love song. It’s a ballad. In the novel it’s a song that almost the hero writes just after the earthquake in which his wife is killed I think it sounds like, I hope, one of those big U2 ballads for which Bono‘s voice, actually, is beautifully well suited”.

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