Jonas Ackerlund is the man behind 'Beautiful Day'...

U2 have hired one of MADONNA’s favourite video directors JONAS ACKERLUND to direct the promo for forthcoming new single ‘BEAUTIFUL DAY’.

Ackerlund, responsible for the Ali G-starring video for Madonna‘s new single ‘Music’, told Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet that the shoot would take place at an undisclosed location in Paris this week.

He added that the location was central to the film’s storyline and that it was all “pretty much” the band’s idea.


The film maker also gushed that the U2 track is “damn great”.

In the past Ackerlund has directed Madonna’s ‘Ray Of Light’, Prodigy’s ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ and The Cardigans’ ‘My Favourite Game’.

U2 are slated to release their as yet untitled new album in Europe on October 30.

Meanwhile in other U2 album news, in the current edition of official fan magazine ‘Propaganda’, The Edge described some of the sessions for the Daniel Lanois/Brian Eno-helmed project as being a little surreal when Bono‘s songwriting attempts were interrupted by phone calls from US President Bill Clinton and others.

He added: “Sammy (a U2 associate) came down one day making a halo-shape above his head and it turned out it was the Vatican for Bono. Just what you need, the Pope interrupting the overdubs.”

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