Leonardo DiCaprio paid 100k for Bono’s guitar at celebrity auction

Ukelele owned by Madonna also sold for £208,000 at Haitian Relief Organization event

Leonardo DiCaprio paid $100,000 (£69,000) for a guitar once owned by U2‘s Bono at a charity auction last weekend.

The actor outbid a number of other famous faces for the instrument during a live auction at Sean Penn’s annual J/P Haitian Relief Organization gala in Beverly Hills on Sunday (January 10). Later that night he went on to win a Golden Globe for his role in The Revenant.

In addition to winning one of the lots at the auction, DiCaprio also offered his time and home as part of the event. An anonymous bidder won lunch with him and Penn as well as a five-night stay at his Palm Springs estate, paying $200,000 (£139,000) for the honour. The auction took place around the same time as Penn’s interview with Mexican drug lord ‘El Chapo’ was published online.


A ukelele owned and played by Madonna on her current ‘Rebel Heart’ tour went for $300,000 (£208,000) according to E! Online, though the winning bidder must wait until the tour is over until they can get hold of it. Madonna promised to “lick” and “kiss” the instrument in return.

Elsewhere, Napster founder and Facebook investor Sean Parker paid $100,000 to be taught how to play drums by Metallica’s Lars Ulrich and host Anderson Cooper donated $50,000 (£34,500). In total $7m (£4.8m) was raised for the relief effort in Haiti.

Other names in attendance at the event included Justin Bieber, Pamela Anderson, Lana Del Rey, Mark Ruffalo, Patricia Arquette, Emile Hirsch, Kyle MacLachlan and Patrick Stewart.