U2’s Bono calls ‘Seasons (Waiting On You)’ by Future Islands “a miracle”

The frontman professed his love of the track in a new interview with Rolling Stone

U2‘s Bono has called the song ‘Seasons (Waiting On You)’ by Future Islands “a miracle”.

The frontman told Rolling Stone: “Have you seen them? That song, ‘Seasons’? A miracle, that is.”

Meanwhile, The Edge also discussed newer acts he was currently a fan of, explaining that he attended Coachella festival in California earlier this year and enjoyed sets by Cage The Elephant and Skrillex. However, he added that he could not see the appeal of Neutral Milk Hotel. “The band that I liked at Coachella was Cage the Elephant. Their commitment to the performance really blew so much of the other stuff away,” he said. “They really did own it in a way that few other artists did. Broken Bells were great, and Skrillex’s thing was pretty cool… Some of the more strange hippie stuff wasn’t that great. Neutral Milk Hotel, you know them? If you were sort of one of the faithful, you could sort of get excited about it. It didn’t really have a universal appeal at all. And that might be its appeal.”

U2 recently hinted that they may tour new album ‘Songs of Innocence’ by playing two gigs in each city they visit, one acoustic and one “loud and explosive.” Adam Clayton said: “There is talk of doing two different kinds of shows.” The band previously said they’ll be touring their new album in 2015 with a series of indoor arena shows planned.

Explaining the idea, Clayton continued: “One night would be a kind of loud, explosive rock’n’roll kind of event and then the other night’s show take the acoustic arrangements of some of the songs, and kind of present those songs in a much more intimate way. But we don’t really know how that’s going to sound and look.”

U2 and Apple ‘gifted’ 500 million iTunes users with their new album in September. Following complaints over the unconventional release, Apple released a tool to allow its customers to remove ‘Songs Of Innocence’ from their devices with just one click.