U2’s Bono on working with Ryan Tedder: ‘the popsters are beating the others on melody’

The OneRepublic man assisted with 'Songs Of Innocence'

Bono has defended U2‘s decision to work with Ryan Tedder.

Tedder is frontman of the group OneRepublic, and is known for lending his hitmaking songs to Beyoncé, Leona Lewis and more.

Q magazine about Tedder’s presence on the credits for ‘Songs Of Innocence’, U2’s Bono explained that he was brought in for his gift for melody.


Bono said: “The popsters are beating the others on melody. Not in lyrics, not in their aesthetic, but they’re writing better tunes. That was not the case with The Beatles and the Stones. The Beatles were writing better tunes than the popsters and not compromising on their lyrics and their aesthetic. When Brian Burton [Danger Mouse] ran out of time to work with us – and he’s by far the biggest presence on the album as a producer – we got to work with Paul Epworth, we got to work with Ryan Tedder. Their only interest is in melody that you haven’t heard before and the uniqueness of it. So that changed the game for us.”

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In the same interview, Bono claims that the band did not profit from Apple buying millions of copies of ‘Songs Of Innocence’ to ‘gift’ to give away free to iTunes customers. “I mean, it only goes to pay off our debt, by the way. It’s not going in our back pocket,” he said.

U2 and Apple ‘gifted’ 500 million iTunes users with their new album earlier this month. After some users complained about the record being automatically downloaded onto their Apple products without their permission Apple released a tool to allow its customers to remove ‘Songs Of Innocence’ from their devices with just one click.

Bono said that Apple had bought the album as a “gift to give to all its music customers”. Reports have suggested that the price paid by the tech firm could be as much as $100 million (£62 million).