U2 have finished ’70 per cent’ of their next album

'Songs Of Experience' will follow the recently released 'Songs of Innocence'

U2‘s bassist Adam Clayton has said that the band have finished ’70 per cent’ of their next album.

Speaking to Q, Clayton said that they have already got over half of the material together for the follow-up to the recently released ‘Songs of Innocence’. Their next album will be their 14th and is set to be titled ‘Songs of Experience’.

He commented: “I think we’ve probably got 70 per cent of the material that we think will go onto it. The 30 per cent that we’re missing I think we’ll be able to generate relatively easily. But the amount of energy it will take to refine the perspective of those songs is hard to predict.”

Speaking about how the album will be delivered, after ‘Songs Of Innocence’ was controversially ‘gifted’ into the accounts of 500 million iTunes users, Clayton said: “Y’know what, depending on how long it takes to be completed, there may be a whole new delivery method invented by then… I think we just have to wait and see. There’ll be a bit of water under the bridge before we get to that point. But yeah, I think it would be a bit predictable to do the same thing. And y’know, the law may have changed by then and we’ll have to find some other way of doing it.”

U2 recently revealed they’ll be touring ‘Songs Of Innocence’ in 2015 – and playing indoor arenas. The move marks a scaling-back for the band, whose last major tour was the U2 360° Tour of 2009 to 2011, which saw the band play 110 shows in outdoor arenas and stadiums around the world in support of 2009’s ‘No Line On The Horizon’. They performed in the round from within a bespoke, four-legged structure nicknamed ‘The Claw’, which had a wraparound video screen and multi-directional sound system.

Of the plans to tour next year, Bono told Absolute Radio: “We’re going to be touring. We’re going to start next year. We’re going try and play The O2 [in London] and places like that, more indoors than outdoors this time, but we’ll see where it takes us.”

The singer added: ”It’s exciting. We’ll be coming your way and these songs are the songs that, I think, will play themselves.”