U2 have delayed their Buenos Aires gig so fans can watch Argentina’s World Cup qualifier

'The Joshua Tree' tour hits Buenos Aires tonight (October 10)

U2 have delayed their Buenos Aires gig so fans can watch Argentina’s World Cup qualifying match.

The country face Ecuador tonight (October 10) and must win if they want to qualify for next year’s World Cup.

The Irish band, who have brought their ‘The Joshua Tree’ tour to South America, have agreed to push back their stage time by almost two hours, according to the gig’s organisers.


As Yahoo reports, fans will be able to watch the match on four big screens at each corner of La Plata stadium, where the show is due to be held.

Producer Daniel Grinbank told Argentinian paper La Nacion: “Can you imagine what the show’s going to be like if Argentina wins? And if we lose, at least we can get rid of the bitterness with a great show. You can’t go wrong.”

U2 will be supported by Noel Gallagher at the show, as they were for the European dates on this world tour. The guitarist recently described supporting the band as “the most fun” he’s ever had.

Speaking to the FC Barcelona website while visiting the Camp Nou stadium while in Spain with U2, he explained how much he was enjoying the tour. “I’ve been touring in one form or another for over 25 years and this is the most fun I’ve ever had,” he said.


“I’m only on stage for an hour. I’m off stage by eight o’clock, half eight. Have summat to eat, something to drink, watch U2, have two days off. We’re playing in all the great cities in Europe. My family are on the road with me [and] my friends. It’s been amazing. They’re been absolutely brilliant every night. They’re one of my favourite ever bands, ever.”

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