UB40: ‘Ali Campbell tried to shaft us’

Ali Campbell's former bandmates hit back at ex-singer

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, UB40 have expressed their anger at former singer Ali Campbell.

Campbell quit the band earlier this year, after more than 30 years singing with the reggae group.

The former singer has recently announced his intention to continue touring the band’s songs – much to the annoyance of the other members of UB40.


Robin Campbell, Ali‘s brother and ex-bandmate, told the newspaper, “Ali is calling his tour ‘The Best of UB40 – 1980-2008’. That disgusts me, the people who made the songs are here in this room.”

He went on to add, “It’s like a divorce… we are currently fighting for custody of the songs.”

Drummer Jimmy Brown commented that the situation had become “just a bit Spinal TapAli tried to shaft us”.

Ali Campbell has himself released a statement, claiming that UB40‘s actions “seem to be a very sad and desperate attempt to discredit me and manipulate the fans”.

In the meantime, Campbell‘s younger brother Duncan has taken on singing duties with the band.


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