UB40 fans complain of gig so loud it made “ears bleed”

Band apologise to fans who attended the Cambridge Corn Exchange gig

UB40 have apologised to fans who complained about noise levels at a gig in Cambridge on Monday (April 14).

According to some gig-goers, the sound at the Corn Exchange venue was so loud it was “altering heart rhythms”, with one fan claiming it caused her ears to bleed.

“It was just horrendously loud – the bass was vibrating even in the foyer,” fan Anna Webster told BBC. “There were so many people walking out because they couldn’t deal with it. It was vibrating through your whole body – it was actually altering heart rhythms.” She also claimed that the noise caused her ear, which already had a perforated drum, to bleed.


Another fan Angela Paffett said: “The bass crashed into you like a steam train. I had a pain in my chest.”

The band have apologised to fans who complained about the gig, offering free tickets to another show. The band’s spokesperson said “the vast majority of people were not affected”, adding that the band’s sound engineer had been informed about the complaints.

A spokesman for Cambridge Corn Exchange said the venue always works within “strict health and safety guidelines” and earplugs were made available for people on the night.