Ex-UB40 singer Ali Campbell declared bankrupt

Former frontman's financial woes emerge just days after four other members go bust

UB40‘s former singer Ali Campbell has been declared bankrupt.

The ex-frontman joins four other members of the band – Brian Travers, Jimmy Brown, Terence Oswald and Norman Hassan – who were declared to have gone bust at Birmingham County Court last week.

Campbell was declared insolvent in June at Bournemouth County Court, it emerged yesterday (October 23), reports The Sunday Mercury.


Both the singer and the band’s bankruptcy follows the failure of their record firm and management company DEP International and a bitter bust-up over band finances which forced frontman Campbell to quit in 2008.

He also said he tried to warn his bandmates about the impending financial disaster.

But a post on the band’s official website Ub40.co.uk also blamed the departure of their frontman for their financial woe. It read:

The financial difficulties were as a result of our singer leaving. It caused us to lose several million pounds worth of work and this had a knock-on effect of creating a black hole that the band have been working to drag themselves out of.