Ali Campbell: ‘I won’t play with UB40 while I’m breathing’

Departed frontman slams his former band-mates

Former UB40 singer Ali Campbell has slammed his former band-mates, claiming that the reason that he left the band last year was because he was “too disgusted” with them to continue.

Campbell left the Birmingham band in January 2008. The remaining UB40 members claimed that he left because he wanted to concentrate on his solo career – something the frontman has repeatedly denied.

Campbell, who was replaced in the band by his brother Duncan, accused the band and their management of considering taking part in dubious business plans to make money.

“There was one scheme they were keen to get involved in which would have seen us buying up repossessed property to sell on at a profit,” he told The Sun. “I was disgusted. It was designed to make money from the misery of other people.”

He added that there was no chance that he would ever play again with UB40, and accused his former band-mates of making comments about his wife and children.

“I became too disgusted with certain band members and the group’s management to remain,” he said. “I will never again play with the remaining members of UB40 while I live and breathe.

“It’s heart-breaking. They’ve made a mockery of the music we made. Money talks and bullshit walks. My two brothers [Duncan and guitarist Robin] have shit on me.”