Ukraine’s 2023 Eurovision entry revealed from a bomb shelter in Kyiv

“We will try to do everything to present Ukraine with dignity,” said TVORCHI

Ukraine have chosen who’ll be representing them at Eurovision 2023, with a live broadcast from a bomb shelter in Kyiv.

Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra won Eurovision 2022 but the country will not be hosting the 2023 event due to the ongoing invasion by Russian forces.

Back in June, the event’s organisers said “with deep regret” that it will not be possible to provide the security and operational guarantees required to host the contest in Ukraine.


It’s since been confirmed that Eurovision 2023 will take place in Liverpool, with the city chosen from a shortlist of seven potential UK locations.

And representing Ukraine at the 2023 event will be pop-duo TVORCHI, with their song ‘Heart Of Steel’ the first confirmed entry for the contest. Check out their performance below:

A metro station in Kyiv was transformed into a TV studio for the selection show, which was broadcast last night (December 17). However the underground station has also been used as a bomb shelter since Russia invaded back in February.

TVORCHI’s performance had a political edge to it, as the duo performed alongside dancers wearing gas masks while nuclear warning messages appeared on screens behind them.

The band’s Andrew Hutsuliak said (via the BBC): “We will try to do everything to present Ukraine with dignity. We didn’t think we’d win but we want to say thank you to everyone who supported us, who listens to our music and who are fighting on the front line.”


Following their selection, the band took to Instagram to say: “Our performance was worked on by people with burning eyes and true hearts of steel to bring their message to the world. In limited conditions, underground, in the cold, no light, with constant noise, but we managed! We’ve been heard and we thank each and every one of you who voted for us to win this year’s pageant. Liverpool are you ready?”


So far, three countries have pulled out of Eurovision 2023. Both North Macedonia and Montenegro announced they would withdraw from the competition, citing financial reasons while Bulgaria have also confirmed they will not be taking part in next year’s event.

Måneskin have said that they are hoping to attend Eurovision 2023 if they’re “free”, though.

The Italian band famously won the competition two years ago and returned to this year’s event to give their single ‘Supermodel’ its live debut. Speaking to NME, vocalist Damiano David said: “We’ve never been scared of the Eurovision label”

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