The big 'Everything Picture' revealed on April 12...

Ultrasound‘s TINY WOOD has claimed their debut LP, ‘Everything Picture’, due for release on April 12 through Nude, is “a double concept album possibly about architecture”.

Speaking at the NME Premier Show on January 20, where he’d gone to see Sebadoh, lead singer Wood admitted the recording process had got a little out of hand: “We’ve gone so far down the line, I’m very confused about it all. Basically, it’s a double album because that’s how many songs we have. We just recorded all of them, and it wouldn’t fit on one CD, so it had to go on two. It’s probably going to take about five years to listen to!” However, he later admitted he was joking and said the release would not be a double album. Wood went on to say that the record was “complex” rather than complicated, but denied the scale of it meant they had prog rock aspirations.

“We’re going to waive royalties on it,” he joked, “or else there will be no profit made by the record company and that. We just wanted to get the songs out there ‘cos all the fans want all the songs we’ve done.”


Wood also revealed that they had fought to use unknown producer Nick Terry on the album after stints with Nigel Godrich (Radiohead/currently with Pavement) and Sam Williams (Supergrass) failed.

The album will be preceded by a single, ‘Floodlit World’, released on April 12. The track was originally released in June 1997 on a Fierce Panda three-track CD, along with ‘Same Band’ and ‘Over There’.

It was the release which kick-started a record label bidding war to sign the band. The latest version is backed with new tracks ‘Death Of A Drag Racer’, ‘We Will Find Love’ and a cover of The Beatles’ ‘Getting Better’. CD2 also features a CD-ROM video of ‘I’ll Show You Mine’.

The 88-minute album features 12 tracks segued together with “incidental music”. The full list is ‘Cross My Heart’ ‘Stay Young’ ‘Aire And Calder’ ‘Sentimental Song’ ‘Floodlit World’ ‘I’ll Show You Mine’ ‘Suckle’ ‘Same Band’ ‘Fame Thing’ ‘Happy Times’ ‘Impossible Dream’ ‘Everything Picture’.

The band plan to tour around the single release.

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