The band led by Thom Yorke's brother Andy don't want people to think they're exploiting their connections...

Unbelievable Truth, best known as the band formed by THOM YORKE’s younger brother ANDY, have removed a downloadable MP3 track from their website ([url=] because they were worried people might think they were trying to exploit their connections with RADIOHEAD.

Following a story on last week (May 26) alerting fans to the track ‘Sharing’, a song recorded in 1993 with guitar parts added by Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood, the band posted a curt message on their site specifically for users who had seen the story.

It read: “The track ‘Sharing’ has now been taken off the site. If you wish to know more about Unbelievable Truth, please enter the site below. If you are only interested in Radiohead, then you will find what you need on [url=]”


Despite the fact that the band’s drummer Nigel Powell was previously quoted on the site explaining the Greenwood connection, the band yesterday afternoon issued the following statement: “We have removed the track ‘Sharing’ from our website. If we left it on it would have appeared that we were trying to exploit the connection with Radiohead for our own gain – which is something we have always tried to avoid.”

Unbelievable Truth release their new album ‘sorrythankyou’ on July 10 through Shifty Disco.

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