The Unbelievable Truth's first-ever song, with Jonny Greenwood on guitar, can be downloaded now...

The first ever Unbelievable Truth song, featuring Radiohead guitarist JONNY GREENWOOD, has surfaced, and is available to download via the band’s website.

The track, called ‘Sharing’, is available for download on [url=] and was recorded in 1993. It was written by the band’s founding member, Thom Yorke‘s brother Andy, and Greenwood provides electric guitar.

Speaking about the track, drummer Nigel Powell said: “This was the first song we ever recorded, back in 1993, and I think the first Andy wrote. It was recorded in my bedroom, and at the time we were trying to carve a sound like Throwing Muses, or somesuch other jagged Americana.


“The electric part was added by Jonny Greenwood a little while later…It was on the first demos we sent out, but we’d quickly begun moving in a more stripped back acoustic direction, so this song fell from grace quickly.”

In other Radiohead news, tickets for one of the recently announced Belgian gigs have now gone on sale.

Click here to visit the site where tickets can be purchased. The concert is scheduled for September 11 at the Werchter Festival grounds. Rumours are now circulating on the Internet that the band will undertake a tour of North America tour in early 2001.

The rest of the autumn tour is expected to be announced on Radiohead‘s official website, [url=] . The jaunt is thought to include dates in Holland, Belgium, France, UK, Ireland and Denmark. As yet, there is no official confirmation on any of these dates.

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