DJ Sasha mixes up the noises for Wipeout 3...

Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Propellerheads, Orbital, and Paul Van Dyk all feature on the soundtrack of Playstation game Wipeout 3, the third in the successful violent hardcore racing with weapons game released in September.

The soundtrack was mixed by DJ Sasha – hired as musical director on the project – who also headed up a US club tour sponsored by the game’s manufacturers UK company Psygnosis.

“I’ve always been a fan of the Wipeout series and the combination of high-speed racing and cutting edge design makes Wipeout 3 a perfect fit for the type of music I produce,” said Sasha. “The series has always had a huge underground following – I’m certain that the crossover between the people who listen to my music and those who enjoy games like Wipeout is enormous.”


The games/music crossover continues with games featuring Wu Tang Clan about to hit the UK’s consoles and others featuring Megadeth in development.

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