Single, album of 'much fish' and tour for 1999...

Underworld‘s new album is called ‘Beaucoup Fish’ and comes out in late March on JBO.

It is preceded in the same month by their first new single in almost three years, ‘Push Upstairs’.

The last new single from the band was ‘Pearl’s Girl’, released in May 1996. Both the single and another version of the track, called ‘Push Downstairs’, feature on the new album. A spokesman said the two versions were very different, in much the same way that PRIMAL SCREAM included two different versions of ‘Higher Than The Sun’ which appeared on their 1991 album ‘Screamadelica’.


The spokesman explained: “‘…Upstairs‘ is a rocking techno track, and the other is much more dubby and slow. Apart from a few little samples, they sound totally different.” He added that remixes for the new track were currently being completed which would provide B-sides.

The full tracklisting for ‘Beaucoup Fish’ is ‘Cups’, which clocks in at 11 minutes 45 seconds, ‘Push Upstairs’, ‘Jumbo’, ‘Shudder/King Of Snake’, ‘Winjer’, ‘Skym’, ‘Bruce Lee’, ‘Kittens’, ‘Push Downstairs’, ‘Something Like A Mama’ and ‘Moaner’, which was written for the soundtrack of last year’s Batman And Robin.

The album had a working title of ‘Tonight, Matthew, I Am Going To Be Underworld’.

An extensive UK tour is being finalised around the release of the album and single. Full details will be announced soon.

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