It'll hopefully be completed by May...

Underworld are well under way with their next studio album, and hope to have it completed by May, can reveal.

However, Rick Smith, the programming guru of the band, added that though fans should not hold their breath, they will be treated to sneak previews between now and then via the band’s website.

“I’d like to think that it would be ready by May, but the last time we said that it took us another year-and-a-half,” he said. “So it’s kind of pointless. I’m the last person you want to believe about that.

He added: “It’s different now. In the period between the previous records we were silent, and the record would just appear as a fait accompli, but now the work-in-progress is going to appear on the sites occasionally.

“We’re putting new material and old material out at the minute (through – stuff that was recorded in Australia, tunes that never made it on to record that were part of jams… some of the new material will just get dropped, some of it will become intros to songs. “So it’s kind of different now. There’s stuff that… I’m not sure what it is, but it’s going out there.”

Smith also denied reports that the next album would be “more rock’n’roll” than previous work, explaining the remark was a joke that had been misinterpreted.

“Somebody missed the joke there with the ‘rock’n’roll’ comment, so no. I’m not going to get my Elvis costume out and finally live my dream.” He instead joked that “we’ve changed our minds. It’s going to be a folk saxophone album. Karl‘s left the band and he’s going to live in Wales.”

Underworld release the long-awaited DVD of ‘Everything Everything’ on October 9. Fans who purchase the disc will be able to access additional new Underworld material at a portal available only through a special link on the disc.

“The thing is now slightly different from what we intended,” explained Smith. “We had intended it to be like a window so that when you logged on on Monday, there was something new, then on Tuesday, something new again. So it’s more like a kind of cable box with almost separate channels – some will be updated daily, some weekly. You’ll see next week.”

Underworld join The Chemical Brothers, Doves, Shack and a host of others at the Bugged Out! Weekender at Pontin’s Holiday Camp in Prestatyn, North Wales between November 17 and 19. It will be their last live show for some time before retiring completely to the studio again.