They're sifting tapes for definitive lager and shouting in a field extravaganza plus new single details...

Underworld are set to release a live album compiled from performances during the past 12 months.

The band have also revealed that their next single will be ‘Shudder/King Of Snake’, the third to be released from current album ‘Beaucoup Fish’. It is due out on August 16.

Although the plans for the live album are still in their early stages, a spokesman told NME that the band were currently sifting through DAT tapes selecting possible tracks.


He continued: “They record every gig they do so a live album has been mooted for a while. They’ve got a big box of tapes to go through over the next couple of months because they don’t just want to take stuff from one gig. It’ll all be culled from lots of things. It won’t be like ‘Oasis Live At Knebworth’ or anything.”

It is unlikely that the album will be released before the end of the year, though, he added, as the band are taking August off following their festival appearances as Darren Emerson is due to become a father then.

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