The band tell their fans are in for special treats via the Internet...

Underworld intend to supply fans with a brand new piece of material every day via the Internet, can reveal.

The duo, Rick Smith and Karl Hyde, told that the plan would kick into operation on the morning of their forthcoming DVD release (October 9).

“If people go to the CDRom part of the DVD they can click on an icon that says ‘live’,” explained producer Rick Smith. “From the Monday of the release they’ll be taken to a site – it’s not an Internet site as such as you’ll have to own the DVD to get to it; friends won’t be able to copy the address and pass it around – where we’ll have something not available anywhere else. It might be a piece of music, the next day it might be a webcam watching Karl in the garden, the next us jamming up a mountain. It’ll change and grow as the idea develops.”


The DVD itself is an extraordinary interactive collection that features forthcoming live album ‘Everything, Everything’, video footage recorded at dozens of shows around the world during the ‘Beaucoup Fish’ tour, and a facility that allows users to adapt images from Underworld‘s famous onstage video projections in order to work with some new tracks and a host of other elements.

It had been suggested elsewhere that the disc was to DVD technology what ‘Sergeant’s Pepper’s…’ was to stereo. And after an exclusive preview, can confirm it stands up to the comparison.

Underworld also revealed that they had not yet really started work on the follow up to 1999’s ‘Beaucoup Fish’ as preparations for the DVD and live album had been “all consuming” – although a couple of ideas had cropped up. Rick also said they have had no contact with Darren Emerson, who left the band earlier this year to concentrate on his DJing career, since Christmas. He added: “We’re told he’s happy and we’re happy so it’s all worked out well.”

Underworld make a large scale UK live return as a two-piece in a fortnight when they headline the dance tent at the V2000 festival (August 19/20).

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The band release John Digweed‘s mix of single ‘Cowgirl’ through JBO/V2 on August 21 with album ‘Everything, Everything’ to follow on September 4. The DVD will appear on October 9.

You can watch the full webcam interview from which this story is taken on with the next couple of weeks.