They also hint at live album and DVD release next year...

Underworld are to release a Micronauts remix of ‘Bruce Lee’ as their next single, which is due out before the end of the year.

However, the band’s record label JBO have yet to decide whether the track – taken from current Underworld album ‘Beaucoup Fish’ – will receive a full release or a limited-edition run. They will decide after playing the track out and testing audience reactions to the track at selected clubs around the country.

The single will be backed by a Salt City Orchestra mix of ‘Cups’, another album track.


The band have also hinted that new Underworld projects are on the way.

Rick Smith said: “You can expect to see big things around March, April, but before that we’re doing some new material for release later this year, before Christmas.”

Speaking to NME before their recent headlining slot at Ireland’s Homelands at Mosney near Dublin, frontman Karl Hyde added: “There has been a kind of creative explosion for us recently. Instead of it being at the end of a tour it has happened during a period when we have been incredibly busy.

“You go through a few days of going, ‘Oh my God, oh my God’ and then something hopefully happens. And it has.”

A spokesman said the ‘big thing’ the band was referring to was probably their long-awaited live album, which is due for release in spring 2000.

He said that the band were also working on a video and a DVD, which were all due to be released around the same time.


He added that Underworld were also revamping their live show in time to play the UK around the time of the album release.

“They’re restructuring the whole way they play live. It’s going to be insane,” he said.

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