Underworld announce new album, ‘Drift Songs’ and share two new singles

The new album is called 'Drift Songs'

Underworld have announced details of a new album, ‘Drift Songs’, as part of a new project called ‘Drift’ which will see the band release new music, art and text pieces weekly over the course of a year.

The ambitious multimedia Drift project will culminate in the eventual release of the album, which will be released on October 25.

The veteran electronic duo comparing Karl Hyde and Rick Smith also released a video to announce the project, which you can watch here:


Speaking about the album in more detail, the band explained that the project “expands and enhances a selection of the recordings” from the ‘Drift’ project and will see Underworld release more music in the space of a year than in the course of the last 15 years.

The band have also released a double A-side single comprising of ‘Listen To Their No’ and ‘Soniamode (Aditya Game Version)’ which you can listen to here:

The electronic duo formed in Cardiff in 1980, and released their latest album ‘Barbara Barbara, We Face A Shining Future’ in 2016. In 2017, they released a reimagined edit of their classic ‘Born Slippy’ for the T2: Trainspotting soundtrack, called ‘Long Slow Slippy’.

Their last single release, ‘Brilliant Yes That Would Be’ came in 2018 alongside a collaboration with Iggy Pop called ‘Teatime Dub Encounters’.

Reviewing the collaboration, NME wrote: “Having both been so integral to the soundtrack and spirit of the original Trainspotting movie, ‘Teatime Dub Encounters’ was borne of an attempted collaboration between Underworld and Iggy Pop to create something special for the sequel T2. For their first meeting, a studio was set up in a hotel room at The Savoy in London and a natural chemistry drove everything from there. It may not have made it for T2, but a beautiful beast of its own came into being.
“…This is a whole new monster born of the friction from a restless need to create, the pure abandon to do whatever the fuck feels good, and the batshit brilliance from three mad scientists with so much still to prove. Others of their standing may choose the wallowing legacy of safety. These guys do not. These guys choose life.”