Unexpected item! DJ creates banging techno tune from Tesco checkout sounds

"Might lighten the mood for the customers"

A DJ has created a techno track from the very recognisable sounds of Tesco’s self-service checkout area – and it’s unexpectedly brilliant.

The tune, aptly named the ‘self checkout riddim’, was created by Leeds based musician Ben Suffield – who then posted it on Instagram and Twitter.

After starting with a series of familiar beeps, the beat of the tune rapidly progresses before we’re greeting with the horror-inducing cries of “unexpected item in bagging area”.


Before the drop, we’re also faced with a shout of “please take your change”, before the scanning beeps go into overdrive once more.

Speaking to NME, Ben explained how he’d been inspired to write the song after buying a mispriced £3 meal deal from Tesco.

“I was just in Tesco one day buying a meal deal, and when I got back to work I realised I’d paid £4”, he explained.

“For some strange reason, I just went home and remixed the beep.”

Describing how he created the track, Ben added: “I found a checkout beep online and just made a simple riff out of it. Away we went!”


Although it’s receiving a lot of love online, Ben isn’t so sure – describing the tune on Soundcloud as “the worst track I’ve ever done”.

Offering an opposite opinion, one Twitter user wrote: “Would have died if they mentioned the world clubcard.”

Another, presumably a Tesco employee, added: “We should have this on 24/7….Might lighten the mood for the customers.”

“This is the most British and most wonderful thing I’ve seen all day”.



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