Union J’s George Shelley opens up about sister’s tragic death for Time To Talk Day

Harriet Shelley, 21, passed away last April

Ex-Union J member George Shelley has opened up about the death of his sister in a new interview.

Harriet Shelley, 21, died after suffering fatal head injuries when she was hit by a VW Beetle outside a Stormzy gig at Bristol’s O2 Academy last April.

Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine to mark Time To Change’s Time To Talk Day, which takes place today (February 1) and aims to raise awareness for mental health issues, Shelley said: “It was a standard night out, she was just drinking – you’ve got to be so careful with alcohol on nights out”.

“She just needed a wee and she ran out between two tour buses, and she ran out – it was a really silly mistake, it was nothing to do with the car, she fell back and hit her head on one of the buses,” he added.

“She was in ICU for a week watching the blood pressure go up and go down. ‘First it was ‘she’s going to live’ and then they told us ‘we’ve had the brain specialist in and even if she pulls through she’s gone’. It was just like wow.”

Shelley continued: “It wasn’t just I lost my sister, I lost my job and [also with] my dad, it was a lot at once and I didn’t cope with it. But I had my friends and my support system.”

“It’s about having somebody there you can talk to – and I’ve got my friend Emily, she’s my best mate and I tell her everything, it’s like having a punch bag to let your emotions out. I’ve had a pretty rubbish year. I’ve experienced things I never thought I would ever have to experience and I’ve come out of it the other end after thinking it wasn’t going to go like this.”

You can find out more about Time To Talk Day here.

Shelley was a member of Union J from 2012 to 2016.