Unkle bring on extra special guests for Brixton show

Ian Brown, Badly Drawn Boy and Leila Moss all cameo

James Lavelle’s brainchild UNKLE played a monstrous show at Brixton Academy on Saturday night (March 1) – being joined by special guests including Ian Brown and Badly Drawn Boy.

Taking to the stage just after 10pm, the dance outfit opened with tracks from recent album ‘War Stories’ before bringing on Ian Brown to perform UNKLE’s remix of his hit ‘F.E.A.R’.

Sauntering on stage to a huge applause, the ex-Stone Roses frontman cockily hung his leather jacket on the mic stand before launching into the anthem.


Swaggering down front of the stage flicking fingers at the crowd mid-song, Brown later returned to the stage to sing on two further tracks.

Mid-set The Duke Spirit’s Leila Moss appeared to sing recent album track ‘Mayday’ much to the Brixton Academy crowd’s glee.

As well as these special guests Badly Drawn Boy also joined UNKLE on stage for a rendition of 1998 album track ‘Nursery Rhyme/Breather’ from the record ‘Psyence Fiction’.

Wearing his obligatory beanie and scarf it seemed the singer had forgotten the words though – reading them from a stand in front of him.

The evening concluded with UNKLE mainman James Lavelle thanking the sweaty crowd and artists.

Brown then shouted into the microphone: “Let’s hear it for UNKLE!” before Lavelle grabbed the stand back and replied: “We’d never have done it without you,” and embraced Brown while the crowd cheered.