The UNKLE album , featuring contributions from Richard Ashcroft, THOM YORKE and DJ SHADOW, is released next month...

The UNKLE album, ‘Psyence Fiction’, featuring contributions from Richard Ashcroft, Thom Yorke, DJ Shadow and the Beastie Boys’ Mike D, has finally been given an August 24 release date by Mo’Wax.

The album was put together by DJ Shadow and Mo’Wax boss James Lavelle [I](pictured) over the last three years with artists recording tracks for it all over the world. Richard Ashcroft and Thom Yorke recorded their contributions before the successes of their ‘Urban Hymns’ and ‘OK Computer’ albums. The inspiration for Unkle came when Lavelle collaborated with Major Force’s Tim Goldsworthy and Kudo on their ‘The Time Has Come’ EP.

Lavelle said: “I’ve always wanted to bring together the different types of music that I’ve grown up on, to intertwine them to create something that people my age can get into.” The Richard Ashcroft song is called ‘Lonely Soul’. The Thom Yorke/DJ Shadow song, which was recorded in San Francisco, is called ‘Rabbit In Your Headlights’.


Meanwhile, Mike D and Metallica’s Jason Newsted team up on ‘The Knock (Drums Of Death Pt 2)’. Other artists featured on ‘Psyence Fiction’ include Talk Talk’s Mark Hollis, Badly Drawn Boy, Alice Temple and Kool G Rap.

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