UNKLE recruit Mark Lanegan for new album

James Lavelle and Pablo Clements preparing for May release

UNKLE have revealed that they have signed up Mark Lanegan for their forthcoming new album.

The dance duo’s next effort, out in May, will be named ‘Where Did The Night Fall’, with Autolux and Sleepy Sun also featuring on the the record, reports BBC 6music.

Lavelle said that he had initially attempted to recruit former Screaming Trees frontman Lanegan for UNKLE‘s 2007 album ‘War Stories’, but was unsuccessful.

“For me, it is a personal dream come true,” he said – although he did not reveal the name of the song the gravel-voiced singer guests on. “He [Lanegan] was meant to be on ‘War Stories’ and for various reasons at the time it didn’t work out. He’s one of my favourite singers ever and to work with him was just amazing.”

Lavelle added that the album was “a bit more electronic” than their last album, 2008’s ‘End Titles…Stories for Film’.