Unknown Mortal Orchestra singer apologises after alleged transphobic joke about Caitlyn Jenner

Singer Ruban Nielson angered after Jenner pledged support for Republican candidate Ted Cruz

Unknown Mortal Orchestra have been criticised for recent comments made on Twitter about Caitlyn Jenner.

Former athlete and reality TV star Jenner, who transitioned from male to female last year, has made headlines by endorsing Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz despite admitting that the politician is “probably one of the worst ones when it comes to trans issues”.

Responding to the news, Unknown Mortal Orchestra singer Ruban Nielson poked fun at Jenner online, writing: “How’s it hanging, Bruce?”


Nielson defended his comments by claiming that Jenner doesn’t “give a fuck about the LGBT community” and saying “I’m just angry about America, leave me alone. You’re more problematic than me”.

NMEAndy Ford/NME

However, he later apologised, stating that he was “sorry to all the cool people who are offended by my Republican joke” and simply “mad that she sold out the community that fostered her”.

“Misgendering is not acceptable. Don’t do that. Respect other humans,” Nielson added. “No transphobic assholes are allowed to follow me. Fuck off. Im not transphobic just stupid”. See Nielson’s tweets in full below.

NME approached Nielson for an official statement. He replied: “I’m drunk and this world is mad. I expressed myself very badly. I was mad about Caitlyn Jenner supporting a politician that hates the LGBT community. Ironically I said something that is offensive to most people. I forget that not everybody find’s my schtick cute. Big love to my trans brothers and sisters. Don’t misread my heart please. Forgive me”.


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