Unseen David Bowie photos to be published by his former tour photographer

Denis O'Regan followed the star for nine months on his Serious Moonlight tour in 1983

Unseen David Bowie photos taken by the star’s one-time tour photographer are to be published in a new book. 

Denis O’Regan followed Bowie for nine months during his Serious Moonlight tour in 1983, which was organised to promote his album ‘Let’s Dance‘.

The photographer has collated images from the tour, which will finally see the light of day in May 2018 in a limited edition book that will be accompanied by volumes of memorabilia including handwritten lyrics, tickets, setlists, limited edition prints and a 12-inch picture disc of ‘Ricochet’ and ‘Let’s Dance’, which have been remastered by Nile Rodgers, as the Guardian reports.

Moonlight Books and Penguin Random House will publish the book, of which 2,000 editions will be printed. They will cost £3,000 each. A smaller book of photographs is expected to be published next Autumn.

Speaking of his time with Bowie, O’Regan said: “He was very, very happy. Bowie started playing to venues of 10,000, moved to 50-60,000 and he became a superstar. He really enjoyed playing to that many people.

“Everything went right for him, the reviews were incredible, the album was a huge success, and he was a very happy man.”

The photographer also explained that Bowie had backed the project and was involved with it, and was meant to sign the book. However, he died before that was able to happen.

Earlier this year, a new Bowie biography was published, titled David Bowie: A Life. It revealed that Bowie’s wild alter ego Ziggy Stardust meant the singer often received some odd propositions, including the time Bowie was once offered a “warm, deady body” to have sex with, while on tour in Philadelphia in September 1972.