Unseen photos of one of Nirvana’s first ever UK gigs have been shared

Richard Davis rediscovered the pictures during lockdown

A photographer has shared previously unseen pictures of one of Nirvana‘s first ever UK gigs.

Richard Davis attended the band’s show at Manchester Polytechnic Students Union on Tuesday, October 24, 1989. It was only their second gig in the UK at the time.

Now, Davis has shared a series of photos from the show online, which also featured in the Manchester Evening News.


He told the newspaper that he found the shots, which you can view below, during lockdown.

Taken from today's Manchester Evening News, 4 of my Photos from Nirvana's second ever gig in the UK which took place on 24th October 1989.

Posted by Richard Davis Photography on Tuesday, December 29, 2020

“For years I was convinced that someone had nicked the negatives,” he explained.

“But about two months ago I was going through my kids stuff and found it among the old primary school photos. I looked at it and thought ‘Oh my God, I thought I’d lost them’.”

Meanwhile, producer Butch Vig has said that he doubts that the seminal Nirvana album ‘Nevermind’ would have the same impact if it was released today, while echoing Dave Grohl’s comments that Billie Eilish has enjoyed a similar “zeitgeist moment”.

“I think it would be tough to repeat that zeitgeist moment,” Vig told NME. “If ‘Nevermind’ came out this week, despite being a great record, it would not have the same cultural impact. It was perfect timing coming out when there was a shift in music and it felt like a revolution. I can see that happening again, but not in the same way.”


Earlier this year, The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame shared classic performances from Nirvana, Pink Floyd and Bruce Springsteen.