Unsettling trailer for new ‘Who Killed Kurt Cobain’ graphic novel unveiled

'My name's Boddah, and I killed Kurt Cobain'

A trailer for a new comic graphic novel ‘Who Killed Kurt Cobain’ about the death of the Nirvana frontman has been unveiled. Check it out below.

The story explores the life, mental state and suicide of Cobain from the point of view of his imaginary friend ‘Boddah’. The new teaser trailer shows scenes of Nirvana gigs, meeting Courtney Love, the legendary MTV Unplugged gig and other troubling scenes of emotional anguish and torment.

“Kurt took me everywhere,” read the opening lines. “Through his romances, to L.A., into his veins, on tour, into his intestines, to Japan, into his silent screams. Even into the images his mind projected against the walls. Everywhere.


“When he was 15, he sprayed the words ‘kill your parents’ on the wall of his school. Remember those words. My name’s ‘Boddah’, and I killed Kurt Cobain.”


The synopsis the book reads: “The most iconic singer/songwriter of his generation, Kurt Cobain left behind a phenomenal body of work, legions of fans, and a mystery… a final letter addressed to ‘Boddah’. Now, award-winning creator Nicolas Otero brings the story of this note to life in the original graphic novel WHO KILLED KURT COBAIN?

“Based on the French novel, Le Roman de Boddah by Heloise Guay de Bellissen, this adaptation – a work of fiction – recounts real-life events from Cobain’s life, as narrated by his childhood imaginary friend, Boddah.

“Through the eyes of Boddah, readers get a front row seat to the highs and lows of one of music’s most influential voices like they’ve never experienced before. Trace the arc of modern rock’s greatest icon from the dark clubs of Seattle to the bright lights of the world stage… and all the angst, horror, and thrill that came with that ride in this captivating graphic tale.”

‘Who Killed Kurt Cobain’ is out now. For more information, visit here.


Recent years have seen images released by Seattle police of the weapon Kurt used to kill himself. The case surround Cobain’s death was reviewed in 2014 on the 20th anniversary of his passing. However, it was later closed again after it was deemed that there was no further evidence found that could change the original conclusion.

Meanwhile, former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic recently spoke out about Cobain’s ‘cynical’ tastes – revealing what the ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ singer would have thought of the modern music scene.